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My Life on the Road - Gloria Steinem

I just started this. I wasn't going to pick it up because well. It's Gloria Steinem and as much as I loved Ms. in college, I've always felt her to be too preachy. 


But, Emma Watson is doing a feminist bookclub on goodreads, so I thought, what the hell. 


I just finished the introduction, and I still find her preachy. She explains why she is writing this book, and why she loves to travel and live on the road. But she mentions how there are only men adventures in movies and books where the women always beg their men to stay home. Men run away from the women who want to keep them. She rebels against this. She never wanted to stand in anyone's way. 


But what bothers me is that she doesn't seem to say or feel (i am reading between the lines here) that staying home is totally okay for some women. Not all women need to be adventurers. Some can stay home if that's what makes them happy. 


Is this 3rd wave feminism? 

And am I gonna not like this book as much as I want to?

Sunshine: A review

Sunshine - Robin McKinley

It's 4 1/2 stars.




There's no sequel. 


But this is ok. I am happy with the "loose" ends. The story is a slice of life. It's a snapshot of a young woman's "coming of age." Or at least, realizing that life is more than cinnamon rolls. (but truly. omg. Really? I want those cinnamon rolls. Can I have this recipe? pleeeezzzze?)



There's a character named pat. 

And I cringed every time he was mentioned. 

Although, I don't know if Real Life Pat would like this book. I wish I could talk to him. Fucking heart attacks. 



This was also my first McKinley book. Should I go for more? Suggestions on what to read next?

Reading goals 2016

— feeling confident

So. I haven't been reading lately. Blame my depression. 


I didn't reach my 55 book goal on goodreads. And i'm trying not to let it get to me. 


But in 2016, I have a different goal. Not to read quantity. But certain books.


For instance. I want to read Infinite Jest.  Actually by my birthday (May 28th)


I want to finish reading the Wheel of Time books. 


I want to have a shelf on my many bookcases 100% read. (which might be hard, if only because i've run out of room on them and have books everywhere. but it seems a noble goal.)


After Infinite Jest, I'll decide what next big book I'll tackle. 


Here's to 2016. May it be a hell of a lot better than 2015

Review: Promethea Book 1

Promethea, Vol. 1 - Mick Gray, J.H. Williams III, Alan Moore

I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this. One one hand, it's super interesting and quite feminist. (Homophobic though, in the weird way 1999 was homophobic)


On the other, it's like, well, I liked Sandman better....and there's a similarity between the two. 


But then it gets all Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles on you and I'm like "woah. wasn't expecting that!"


So I'm gonna continue reading the series. Just gotta figure out if my library system have the rest.... 

The Magician's Daughter

— feeling confused
The Magician's Daughter: A Valentine Hill Mystery - Judith Janeway

I didn't hate this. In fact, I loved it, until the rushed ending. And that thrown together love interest thing.


I'll forgive the author though, this is a first novel. And she has a damn good story idea. 

Dark Eden

Dark Eden - Chris Beckett

I really didn't know how to feel after reading this book. 


It felt too long for what it is. And well, John is a fucking jerk. 


At least it did deal with the incest thing. (If you do only have 2 people etc. )


I do plan on reading the second one, (Mother of Eden) but that's more because I'm curious and not because I am in love with the series. 

Bell Weather -- A Review

— feeling big smile
Bell Weather: A Novel - Dennis  Mahoney

Sometimes I get free books from places, like Goodreads FirstReads program, or LibraryThing's Early Reviewer's group, or even from the publisher themselves. I'm honest in my opinion. And I think that's good enough for that FCC disclosure right?


This is a book that I would have passed up if I were still working at B&N. The cover is bland. Feels like it could be anything. Ok, a forest, something sort of family crest, and that font. Smells like an Alice Hoffman book: *could* be magical realism or it could just be a crappy love story. 


It was on my to-read shelf for a reason, I don't remember why. (Have you guys seen my to-read shelf on GR? Holy crap. Like. Come On. This isn't even everything) But I'm glad I got a chance to read this. 

It's one of those underdog books, where no one reads it when it first comes out, but slowly, over time, people turn to other people and say, "Have you read this yet? OMG you SHOULD." 


Because you should. 


It's kinda like a fantasy book, but more magical realism. The strange phenomena is just seen as normal. I did read the ARC, so I do not know if any of it was explained in the finished copy, but I hope not. As a reader, you'll have to do a double take sometimes in order to comprehend the terms. (Color shower, like... it legit rains color.) Someone mentioned in the GR comments that this is like a Colonial Fantasy. There are horses and powdered wigs. There's the settlers and the mother country. And the revolts that need to be put down. Etc. 


The story centers around Molly Bell, a young woman 20-something, who finds her way, via almost drowning, to the town of Root. Where the hero of the story Tom Orange saves her. Sort of. I mean, she didn't drown. That's good. If she did, that would be a crappy book. 


So Molly hides her past, but the reader slowly hears her tale in her flashbacks. And what a tale it is. She grows up with a sickly older brother and a father who is the big hot shot general in the army. They are rich, the people poor. Revolt. Dad goes to the "New World" to shut up those nasty natives. Molly and Nicholas (the brother) revolt. Dad comes back being an even bigger asshole. The kids run away to the "New World."


And somehow Molly is floating down a river waiting for Tom to find her. 


And OF COURSE her mysterious past comes to haunt her and hurt the small town of Root. Because what kind of story would this be?



Actually, my review makes it sound boring. But it's not! It's a great read. And what I liked about it was that it didn't fit a genre per se. It's an easy read, so it can be a "beach read," or one of those books you read when you call out from work because it's raining and all you want is tea and a book. It's a book that will appeal to the fantasy world. There aren't dragons (I don't think. at least not in this book. You never know though) But also appeal to the non-genre reader. Yes there's a love story. Duh. But it's not the purpose of the book. 



Oh. and there are these people in the surrounding woods that cut off people's body parts. They are called Maimers. How cool is that? Pretty cool actually.  



So  yeah. Pick up this book. He's already writing the sequel. 


— feeling amazing

Thank you guys for taking a chance on following me! I <3 books and well, of *course* i need another social media outlet for my reading habits. Perhaps I'll actually update this more than my crappy blogspot website of the same name. 


Thank you again! I feel so loved!